Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

A company that delivers “satisfaction and delight” to customers

Name Mizushima Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.
Established November 2, 1964

1-1, Kawasakidori Mizushima, Kurashiki City, Okayama



\1,257 million

Issued stock

9,636 thousand shares

Plant area 165,001㎡
No. of employees 195
Fiscal term Books closed at March end
Lines of business

・ Production and sale of manganese alloys

・ Production and sale of Boron nitride

・ Engineering and technical assistance in relation to the foregoing business lines

Shareholder JFE Steel Corporation (100%)
Major customers

FerromanganeseBlast furnace & electric furnace steel manufacturers

Boron nitride(BN)Domestic and overseas cosmetic manufacturers


Nov 2, 1964 Established
Sept 1965 Started operation of No.1 electric furnace
Mar 1968 Started operation of No.2 electric furnace
Sept 1970 Started operation of No.3 electric furnace
Aug 1975 Started operation of No.4 electric furnace
Dec 1978 Started operation to manufacture medium- and low-carbon ferromanganese with shaking ladle
Aug 1984 Discontinued operation of No.4 electric furnace

Discontinued operation of No.1 and 3 electric furnaces

Dec 1986 Discontinued operation of No.2 electric furnace
Apr 1987

Started production of medium- and low-carbon ferromanganese via direct decarbonization process (SL)

Jan 1997 Established a joint venture [Cato Ridge Alloys (PTY) Ltd.] in South Africa
Oct 2012

Started operation of boron nitride (BN) facilities (under contract)

Overseas Investment

As a leading manufacturer embracing unparalleled technology,
we take pride in being involved in the advancement
of technology worldwide.

The technology developed by Mizushima Ferroalloy to produce med ium- and low-carbon ferromanganese is one of the world’s best. Combining this manufacturing technology with the rich manganese resources of South Africa, Mizushima Ferroalloy established a joint venture, Cato Ridge Alloys (PTY ) Ltd. in Sout h Africa, to manufacture high quality and cost-competitive medium- and low-carbon ferromanganese.

Company profile

Name Cato Ridge Alloys (PTY ) Ltd.
stablished January 1997
Commenced operations: January 1998
Main office Johannesburg, South Africa
Plant Cato Ridge, South Africa
Production capacity 60,000t/year
Cato Ridge Alloys (PTY ) Ltd.

Schematic view of Mizushima Ferroalloy

Schematic view of Mizushima Ferroalloy

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