Frequently Asked Questions

About BN Leaf Powder® for cosmetics

Q. How is the safety of boron nitride secured when used as cosmetic ingredient?
First of all, our BN Leaf Powder® series products for cosmetics meet the requirements of theJapanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients. In addition, Mizushima Ferroalloy manufactures all products in stringent accordance with ISO quality and environmental management systems.

About boron nitride for electronic parts

Q. What is high performance resin filler?
Electronic components recently applied to automobiles and power generation units are characterized with higher density CPU's and increased number of units applied.
As a result, dissipation of heat generated by CPU's has become a big concern.
Since resin of low thermal conductivity is used as insulating material, it is required to improve resin's thermal conductivity by mixing ceramic powder with high thermal conductivity.
Accordingly, this ceramic powder is called high performance resin filler.
Q. Why has boron nitride drawn attention among ceramic fillers?
Boron nitride has the following characteristics:
  • ・Low dielectric constant and small signal propagation delay
  • ・Excellent electric insulation and dielectric strength
  • ・2-3 times more thermal conductivity than alumina
Thanks to these characteristics, boron nitride has attracted attention as filler for the next generation.
Q. As resin and boron nitride powder do not mix well so that it is difficult to increase filling amount, what do you suggest to improve this situation?
Conventional boron nitride powder is not an ideal material for resin filler due to its flat particle shape.
HP-40 is our new product in agglomerated form, and is produced in quite different processes inclusive of raw material. This shape control technology has contributed significantly for increased filling amount compared to our existing products.
We also provide spherical boron nitride for improved filling.

About boron nitride for industrial use

Q. What kind of crystal structure does boron nitride have?
Boron nitride has a similar crystal structure to carbon and diamond.
c-BN corresponds to diamond, while h-BN corresponds to graphite.
The h of h-BN stands for "hexagonal", and refers to the crystalline form of boron nitride.
"Cubic" c-BN is a super hard material resembling diamond, and is extensively used for grinding applications.