Product Information

BN Leaf powder® for cosmetics

Provides various features to cosmetic products

Provides various features to cosmetic products

Technology to Support BN Leaf Powder®

  • 1.Synthesis technology to provide safety and other various features required for cosmetic products
  • 2.Powder fabrication technology to create a wide range of product sizes and surface properties
  • 3.Stringent QC and inspection technology, e.g.
    • ・SEM image analysis technology
    • ・Analysis technology to comply with Japanese Standards for Quasi-Drug Ingredients
    • ・Testing technology for environments, including bacteria
    • ・Measurement technology for shape distribution

BN Leaf Powder® for Wide Range of Cosmetic Applications

Water-Repellent Glossy Hydrophilic
Product Code SHP-3 SHP-5 SHP-7
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Typical Application Powder foundation Eye & Lip color cosmetics Liquid foundation

Ever-growing BN Leaf Powder® Series

In Pursuit of Transparency

【Test Procedure】

Disperse powder and solvent in 1:10 ratio → apply 20μm coat on quartz plate

Conventional product

Conventional product

Extra-transparent product

Extra-transparent product