Quality and Environmental management


Since its establishment, MZK has consistently striven to improve quality control, and to continuedly develop new technology, with all those efforts rewarded with permission to put the Japanese Industrial Standards label of compliance on high-carbon ferromanganese and silicon-manganese in December 1973, medium-carbon ferromanganese in November 1981, and low-carbon ferromanganese in March 1984.

MZK had constructed solid quality management system for manufacturing ferroalloys to acquire ISO9001 in April 1998.

While enhancing quality management system in line with ISO9001, MZK declined to accept JIS recognition September 2008 upon introduction of the new JIS system.

ISO14001 was acquired in 2006 in recognition of active environmental conservation efforts.

Feb 1973 Acquired JIS certification from the Minister of International Trade and Industry
Apr 1998 Acquired ISO9001 certification
Jun 2006 Acquired ISO14001 certification
Sept 2008 Strengthened the quality control system in compliance with I SO9001, and d eclined to continue JIS certification

Quality Policy

Tackling quality issues as a manufacturer
Dealing with environmental issues as a company focused on sustainability
Both are propositions we are confronted with

1. Customer-focused activities

Understanding the movements of the market while learning the needs of our customers, we constantly strive to obtain optimum customer satisfaction.
As the only manufacturer of medium-andlow-carbon ferromanganese in Japan, and as a manufacturer of boron nitride powder products, we take a serious view on our obligation to provide customers with service that is consistent and stable. Mizushima Ferroalloy takes responsibility for its activities with regard to “Quality,” “Delivery,” and “Price.”

2. Construction and implementation of a quality management system

For the purpose of satisfying the requirements of our customers , and to maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, we have established and implemented an effective and efficient quality management system in a stable manner.

  • 1.We continuously strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • 2.For the development of our Quality Policy, we have established quality targets across all areas of operation.
    These are reviewed regularly and managed appropriately.
  • 3.Each and every employee recognizes the importance of his or her role, working according to the relevant degree of responsibility.

Environment Policy

Mizushima Ferroalloy aims to carry out its business activities in a manner that considers the global environment.
With the entire company and staff working proactively to tackle environmental issues, Mizushima Ferroalloy strives to pass on to the next generation a society that is comfortable to live in and an earth rich in resources.

  • 1.To establish and regularly review environmental goals and objectives; to make constant progress toward improving these.
  • 2.To understand the impact on the environment; to progress with activities to prevent pollution of the environment and to reduce our burden on the environment.
  • 3.To comply with all requirements agreed by us relating to the environment, in addition to complying with the relevant laws, rules, regulations, agreements and protocols.
  • 4.To maintain harmony with the local community while carrying out environmental preservation.
  • 5.To promote education and knowledge regarding the environment while ensuring that all employees are kept aware of environmental issues.

Environment-focused approach

  • ・Effective use of gas generated during smelting process at ironworks
  • ・Use of slag generated during smelting process as sea reclamation material
  • ・Cyclic use of furnace cooling water

Exhaust gas scrubbing equipment

Exhaust gas scrubbing equipment

Dust collector

Dust collector

Water treatment facility

Water treatment facility